I have SO much to celebrate this week!

THANK YOU for all the positive response to Smashfest Queen’s launch of their new HC Tri Kit! I’m so grateful to have not only incredible sponsor support (my own kit!?!? someone pinch me!!), but all of the nice comments on twitter, Facebook, in person, and online, have been equally amazing. I am one lucky girl and I cannot WAIT to see all that green and yellow goodness on the road! It’s not too late to get your own, pre-order links are HERE.

As if that isn’t enough, it’s my birthday!!! And what am I doing? I’m going to OHIO!!!

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 8.53.27 PM

I’ve somehow made it 29 whole years without a visit to the Buckeye State, but I’ll be fixing that this weekend when I toe the line at Challenge New Albany. The half Ironman distance race northeast of Columbus is sure to be a GREAT experience AND since pretty much every person I know from Ohio is completely awesome, I have high expectations for the whole trip!

The gun goes off at 6:30am EST Sunday and results should be posted HERE.

And since it’s Wednesday, I have a water pic for you! What’s the PERFECT way to wrap up a hot summer run?


A quick “swim” in a mountain creek, of course! And maybe some post-workout watermelon to go with that Osmo Recovery shake!


Happy Wednesday!


The SMASH HC Tri Kit!!!

by Haley on July 16, 2014

It’s a dream come true! A GREEN and YELLOW Smashfest Queen tri kit!!!

smash_hcSMASH has really outdone themselves with this kit! The colors honor Dynamo Multipsort, the team that got me started in triathlon! It’s a super bright kit, guaranteeed to get you spotted on any road or race course! Wearing green & yellow also often comes with bonus cheers of “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie,” “Go Brazil,” and “Go Pack Go,” all of which, I appreciate!!


In typical SMASH fashion, the kit not only looks great, but it fits AMAZING!! Giant THANK YOU to Hillary and Michele for designing this kit. The attention to detail is incredible; if you look close you can even see tiny “H”s in the pattern!!


Want one?!? Here are the special pre-order links! All orders come with a guarantee for waves and cheers from ME if I see you wearing it!!! SMASH it in the “HC” kit!!!

Women’s Top: http://smashfestqueen.com/collections/triathlon-apparel/products/hc-women-s-tri-top

Women’s Short: http://smashfestqueen.com/collections/triathlon-apparel/products/hc-women-s-tri-short

Men’s Top: http://smashfestqueen.com/products/hc-men-s-tri-top

Men’s Short: http://smashfestqueen.com/collections/men-s-smash/products/hc-men-s-tri-short



I knew this morning’s swim workout would be a tough one:

July 11, 2014 pdf2I LOVE hard efforts on tight intervals, but they still require some major FOCUS since it’s easy to slip up and find myself in total death mode! As for the 25s fly? Well I did this set in a 50m pool, which means those started mid-pool with NO push off the wall. Yes, my coach is the devil!

So how did it go? I made the times! I even found a bit of inspiration from a group of high schoolers swimming in the lane next to me. Those kids have such great attitudes, and even though we were doing very different workouts (they still know how to do breastroke), if I’m going to work hard, I like to be in close proximity with others doing the same thing!

So thank you to “Paul’s Group” of high school swimmers at Bozeman Swim Center, thank you to the crazy Tour de France cyclists (stage 5, omg!) and thank you to the even crazier people running the Hardrock 100 right now (check out coverage of this extra-insane race on iRunFar’s twitter feed). Inspiration is easy to find if you know where to look!

And there’s always retail inspiration, like this new TYR transition bag! Fluorescent yellow? Um, yes #addtocart.

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 10.43.54 AM

Have an amazing weekend!!


I love, Love, LOVE getting water pic suggestions from blog readers and I’m super excited to share a few of my favorites!

My Dynamo buddy Karl tweeted Popular Mechanics’ list of 10 incredibly cool swimming pools, including this crazy floating pool planned for New York City’s East River (also brought to my attention by Lectie):

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 7.51.45 PM2016. NYC. I need to check out this pool!!! And then go eat some New York pizza, of course!!

As if lusting over domestic swimming holes isn’t enough, Tim sent me a CRAZY pic of what looks like an underwater waterfall in Mauritius:

mauritiusWhat?!?!? Where is Mauritius? And what the heck is an underwater waterfall?!?! I desperately needed to know so thank goodness for Google!!

Answers: Mauritius is a little island off the coast of Africa

mauritius mapAnd the “underwater waterfall” effect is actually sand falling into an underwater crevasse. Read all about it HERE.

Mauritius actually made the Reader’s Choice list of the 35 Clearest Waters to Swim in Before You Die. My friend Ryan found this list, which is a follow-up to a list I blogged about a while back.

I honestly can’t decide on a favorite from this list, but this beach in the Caymans looks like a GREAT place to be lazy and sleep/read on the beach after a swim. And there are few things in life I enjoy more than being lazy post-swim.

caymansAnd finally, a cool sunset swim shot courtesy of Washington, D.C. area swim coach, David Wendkos.

aquatic_rhino_sunsetshotWow! Water can be unbelievably gorgeous!! Thanks to everyone who sent the links and pics!! Have a very happy, and hopefully swim-filled, Wednesday!!


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I admit, I’m a SwimFan.

No, not THIS kind of swimfan…

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 1.40.19 PM

This kind!

uga_swimfanOne of the best parts of being a swimfan is finding great swim stuff on the Internet. A few weeks ago I came across this tweet from US Olympic Swimmer Matt McLean:

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 2.20.58 PM

Matt swims for Bob Bowman at the North Baltimore Aquatic Club (aka Michael Phelps’ coach) so naturally I had to check out this swim workout, quotes and all!

bowman_swimsetBen Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and a main set that could totally work for triathletes!! Bob Bowman is a GENIUS (duh)!

So here’s how I’d adapt the main set from Bob’s workout, which is written as Free-IM, to be a little more triathlete friendly (mostly freestyle).

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 2.42.14 PMBONUS! 

Want to learn more about Bob, Michael, Matt, and the whole NBAC crew? Check out this great article featured on Yahoo! Sports. Read it HERE!

AND if you’re in the Atlanta or Athens, Georgia area July 10-13th, you can catch some of these superstar swimmers in action at the Bulldog Grand Slam Swim Meet at the University of Georgia. Details HERE!

I’m starting to think being a SwimFan is almost as much fun as being a TriGeek! Happy 4th of July!!

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