Coaching Update!

by Haley on October 29, 2014

At the end of last year I jumped into the world of triathlon coaching.

coaching My very official marketing campaign!

Nearly twelve months later, I’m happy to report the experience has been AMAZING! I lucked out with some truly wonderful athletes. Lauren started the year on crutches, but finished with a SUPER solid race (including the run!) at Ironman Louisville. Stephanie posted a HUGE best time at Ironman Chattanooga and Tiencia came in second OVERALL female at Great Floridian, her first ever Iron distance race in just her first year in the sport! I even got to guide Barbara “Wild One” Chandler through her final prep for her Age Group WIN at Ironman 70.3 Augusta! coaching 2014 I am so proud of these superstar women and had the BEST time watching their hard work pay off throughout the season. I am super psyched to continue coaching in 2015. I am taking on a few new athletes, so if you’re interested, drop me a line at and we can chat! I can promise a very enthusiastic coaching approach with an excessive number of exclamation points and maybe even the occasional stick figure illustration (and plenty of hard work, of course!) Let’s go after those BIG goals in 2015!!!


TYR Swim Set of the Week – Guest Coach Drew!

by Haley on October 16, 2014

Surprise! Guess who was on deck for this morning’s swim workout?

photo 1Ironman, Norseman, Celtman, RAGBRAI, lots and lots of rides and runs with ME, it was all  just preparing Drew for this moment – Coaching Dynamo Masters Swimming! And he pulled it off like a natural!

photo 2Drew wrote a great workout including this fun final set just for Shelly, Daniel, and me!

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 9.59.37 AM

Feel free to throw this set into the end of YOUR next workout! Thanks Drew! And speedy recovery wishes to Coach Maria!



Augusta 70.3 Race Recap

by Haley on October 2, 2014

A NINETEEN minute 1.2 mile swim? Apparently all it takes is a swift current and my TYR wetsuit and I can swim just as fast as Katie Ledecky! And yes, that felt very, very good!

Augusta is a quick 2 hour drive from where I live in Atlanta, but this was my first time racing the half Ironman distance race there. I’d previously cheered for friends on the course, so I was really looking forward to checking it out for myself.


They let us dive! I don’t usually like diving into water when I can’t see the bottom, but it was kind of fun!

photo 2

I knew the strong current meant I couldn’t expect much of a time gap coming out of the water, so I made the most of it, swam hard, and was super excited to set a new women’s course record of 19:32.

photo 3First out of the water! Vuvuzela photo bomb!


The 56 mile lollipop-style course loops from Georgia to South Carolina with some false flats, rolling hills, and bit of wind sprinkled in for variety. My Illicito was riding like a rocket and I held the lead through mile 25 when Lauren Barnett flew past with a few words of encouragement. I worked hard to keep Lauren in sight as long as possible and managed to roll back into town 2.5 hours later in second place.

photo 5


The RUN! The CHEERS! I loved this course! Zig-zagging through the streets of downtown Augusta made for amazing spectator support and the Dynamo Multisport cheer crew was out in full force!! Betty, Ernie, Micki, Shelly, Lauren and Kevin were EVERYWHERE!! Tri Coach Georgia, Peak Racing Team, and Swim Bike Mom all had tents set up on the course and they cheered HARD when I passed! Thank you!! The hometown support was incredible!

Near mile six, speedy Sue stormed past me. With all those cheers, letting her go was not an option, so I did everything I could to stay with her. Things got pretty ugly near the end, and I never did catch her, but I kept fighting and got the gap down to 18 seconds, crossing the line in 3rd with a 1:25 half marathon and 4:19 total time.

photo 1Ouch!

photo 4Best Cheer Crew EVER!! Ernie, Kevin, Micki, Lauren, Shelly, Betty, Me

But Wait, There’s More!

Race day didn’t end in Augusta! Betty, Ernie, Micki and I hopped in the car and drove to Chattanooga! We arrived just in time to cheer for Dynamo friends finishing up their Ironman marathons, including my athlete Stephanie who finished in a massive PR!

photo 2Stephanie cruising toward the finish!!

photo 3Dynamo cheering in Chattanooga - Ron, Matthew, Betty, Sean, Me, Micki, Linda, Casey

smashchooLOVED seeing all the Smash HC Kits in Augusta & Chattanooga!! Looking GREAT ladies!!

Thank You!

MAJOR thanks to everyone who cheered for me in Augusta, to Betty for hatching the Augusta-Chattanooga double deal, and her husband Ernie for driving us between the two!

Thanks to all of my sponsors: TYR, Smashfest Queen, Quintana Roo, SRAM, Reynolds Wheels, Kask Helmets, all3sports, Mizuno, Osmo Nutrition, and Dynamo Multisport.

Thanks to my family and friends for the support from afar, and my coach Matthew Rose, for his guidance throughout the season. More to come!



Surprise! Guess who showed up at the Dynamo pool today?


That’s my Georgia Swimming Teammate, Claire Maust McDaniel!! Claire’s in town visiting family before she and her husband take off on a major life adventure and I’m SO excited she stopped by the pool so we could catch up and share a lane, just like old times!

To make things even better, as a dietician, Claire is a HUGE fan of Osmo Nutrition products! I love it when my worlds collide in such a happy way.

Chatting with Claire in the 10 second rest periods between intervals reminded me how thankful I am that I grew up swimming. I know swim parenting is VERY hard work. As a kid, most days my entire household was awake and on the road before 5am and nearly all of our family “vacations” happened at a pool. The sport is not easy for anyone involved, but the payoff has been HUGE. Yes, there’s the obvious benefit of a college education and swimming definitely paved the way for my triathlon success. But the best part is definitely the people. Swimmers are a REALLY special group.

Triathlon has taken me to a lot of cool places over the past couple years, and it seems like everywhere I end up, I run into former teammates. And even though I haven’t necessarily done the best job keeping in touch, every single person has welcomed me as a good friend. I think there’s something about the mix of early mornings, brutal workouts, and multi-day meets that brings some of the greatest people together.

So thank you Mom and Dad for getting me to the pool all those years. And thank you to Claire and all my former and current swimming buddies for reminding me just how lucky I am!! I may swim fewer laps and a whole lot less butterfly, but I’ll always be grateful to be a swimmer.


Hey look, it’s me! Running out of the Ohio River! LOUswim The pic is from my first time racing in Derby City way back in 2010, and nope, there will be no racing for me this weekend! However I WILL be in Louisville, this time cheering for my athlete Lauren and lots of Dynamo Multisport and Middle Georgia Tri Club buds. I’m pumped to see the race from another angle and look forward to yelling like crazy at all the athletes!! I’ll be the girl wearing green and yellow and I can’t wait to see everyone out there!!!