A speed bump in my Kona 2015 journey (but not in life!)

by Haley on October 5, 2015

“Remember when Khaleesi ate the heart? Ummm…it kind of looks like that.”

An avid Game of Thrones fan, the Trauma Surgeon sewing up my leg agreed with Betty. The scene was a bit graphic. I decided to take their word for it and didn’t look down.

I was almost 50 miles into my ride when the car hit me. I was lucky. The driver stopped and his wife immediately called 911 while members of a nearby church helped me make phone calls and stay calm. I cried all 26 miles in the ambulance.

The situation is sad. The four letter words have come easy the past two weeks, including that notorious K-word. For two years I’ve focused on Kona. For two years my coach, my family, my friends, my sponsors have supported my return to the Big Island. I was so fit and so ready.  

But fitness is good for more than just Ironman. My bones held strong and my soft tissue is healing fast. And my brain? My brain is doing its best to embrace the good. I have some really good friends, really good sponsors, family that will do whatever they can to support my dreams, and a coach who has kept me going even when things seemed very bleak.

Will I race? I’m not sure; but today I fly to Kona, because getting there seemed like a logical first step. THANK YOU to everyone who is reading this and those who have reached out the past two weeks. Your kindness makes my heart ache in the very best way. You all give me the courage to continue past this speed bump. Mahalo and Aloha, I will do my best!


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Mari Fridenmaker October 5, 2015 at 5:59 pm

I know you will make the very best decision once you get to Hawaii. I’m rooting for you!


Reuben July 7, 2016 at 1:47 am

Haley! So happy to see a post on here. I hope everything went well. We need to catch up as soon as possible.


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